Who We Are: Save Small Business.US

Who We Are

Who are we?

We are small businesses and providers who recognize the fundamental importance of small businesses in the US, the lifeblood of Commerce in America.

Individually we are determined.
Together we are powerful.
We adapt, we change, and we pivot to our best side.

SaveSmallBusiness.US is:

  • a Resource,
  • a Hub,
  • a source of Inspiration & Motivation.

What’s in it for you?

Added visibility for your business, and membership on the team that helps solve and conquer the issues that threaten to take small businesses down. We are a powerful force and we want you to be part of it!

This movement is for those who chose not to just to survive, but to THRIVE!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

List your business or organization and describe your services with any discount or special benefit you offer, to be in a market-place and community of like-minded folks, actively OUT-THINKING this Coronavirus. Provide:

  • your organization’s contact information and website,
  • your logo, and
  • a brief description of what services you offer or promotions you are currently offering with the relevant links.

The current issues remind us that we are all connected, all part of a community. Now more than ever, we need to communicate and work together.