Mission Statement

Mission Statement

America’s Future Is Small Business

To inform, connect, inspire and assist small businesses through the power of community and technology.

Small business accounts for nearly 50% of our GDP.
America’s lifeblood is in critical conditional.

However, small has its advantages:
We are nimble, we can change, we can pivot.
And if we work together, we can not only survive, but thrive.

This growing group of community-minded entrepreneurs represent companies, industry associations, chambers of commerce, technology providers and others, collaborating to make a REAL difference.

"We, the undersigned, refuse to lie down and die.”

Corey Mobley signature

Corey Mobley

Regional Director, FRLA

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Alodia Arnold signature

Alodia Arnold

Director, N2 Publishing

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Mary Belford signature

Mary Belford

Director, DigiPro Pay

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Jason Schofield signature

Jason Schofield

Founder & COO, HIVE VOC

Jorge Eduardo Pacheco signature

Jorge Eduardo Pacheco

Creative Director and Partner, Kulture Konnect

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Jamie Walker signature

Jamie Walker

Vice President, Reason Funding

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Steve Barshov signature

Steve Barshov

CEO, DigiPro Media

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David Calametti signature

David Calametti

President, Discover Coastal Alabama

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David Glassman signature

David Glassman

Director, AHERO

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America’s Future is Small Business

We are a group of sole proprietors, corporations, local and national small business associations, chambers of commerce, technology companies, and others who recognize the fundamental importance of small businesses in the US.

The lifeblood of commerce in America Small businesses can adapt, we can change, and we can pivot, fast.