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Gift Card Bond Program

To sign-up for the Gift Card Bond Program, please visit your state’s Small Business site

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Welcome to SaveSmallBusiness.us

First off, we hope that you and your loved ones are keeping healthy and being smart by observing Government guidelines.

Right now is a very frightening and uncertain time for our hospitality industry, our restaurants and lodging properties, and for businesses around the country - not to mention the millions of employees and families who depend on them. The future of these vastly important businesses depends on the decisions that are being made right now.

We must act immediately.


At SaveSmallBusiness.us, we have made it our mission to assist American small business owners in weathering this storm that is the COVID-19 virus outbreak. This virus outbreak has forced restaurants, bars, hotels, and many other businesses to close down with no financial support or recourse. Simultaneously, the US government has made it mandatory for small businesses to continue paying employees sick leave during this time, even though these businesses are unable to effectively generate revenue.

Gift Card "Bonds"

Gift Card Bonds are a method by which businesses can gain access to immediate financial relief provided to them by their own loyal customer base. These gift cards work like a bond in that they appreciate in value.

For example, a gift card is sold for $75 but has a value of $100 at “maturity”. Gift cards may be redeemed at the time a business re-opens or resumes its normal operation. To find out when your gift cards may be redeemed, please check with the business from which you purchased your gift card (the date upon which businesses resume normal operations may vary by industry or location).

Customers can support their favorite local businesses by purchasing these gift cards and providing them with the revenue they need to keep the lights on and provide security to their employees.

Now is the time for us to rally together behind our American small business owners. Together, as a community, we can save our favorite local business from the economic fallout of this virus.

How to use the gift card bonds

"For your business to execute this program, you will first take the $75 payment online via your online ordering platform. The payment will processes automatically to your account through your cc processing and POS system. You will still have to “load” a gift card with the agreed monetary value on it - you can either use your POS system to load the $100 onto the card or use a stand-alone terminal to load the gift card with money. Adjust your books on the back end to account for the $25 "interest" given to the customer."

— Johnny Hustons

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