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Temporary tent in front of a Craft Brew Store

The Perfect Pivot!

April 09, 2020

There are signs all over this city, on countless stores, restaurants, coffee shops that read:
“Closed. To flatten the curve.”
“Please come back to us, when this is all over.”
“At home, to save the World.”
They might just as well say: “I’m just praying. Please, someone else fix this.”
But there’s a craft brewery, Perfect Plain, down the street from the office,
a place that for years has been the place for great communing and fine drinking,
that has pivoted.
They might have considered closing their doors. For a second.
But then, CEO D.C. Reeves decided… “nope”.
They were going to stay open. Very open.
In point of fact, they were moving.
Onto the sidewalk.
They set up a tent, staffed it with some energetic young folks, and they’re selling bottles of craft beer, pre-made (rather strong!) Margarita’s, Daiquiris, T-shirts, etc.
And soon, the people came.
Then there was a line. Up the block.
While everybody else had closed their doors.
“In the first week, we were pretty much ahead of March 2019”, said Reeves. “It was important to us we kept our employees. ALL our employees. At full pay.”
“We’re not ahead for the whole of March, but we’re in business, we’re paying our folks, and we’re serving the community.”
Go D.C.   A toast to Perfect Plains!