Activating parking lots during COVID-19 with drive-in movies

  • May 6, 2020
  • /   Brannon Boswell
  • /   Resources,Ideas
Cars parked in a drive-in movie lot

A pop-up drive-in movie experience is helping shopping center owners monetize underutilized parking lots. Live events company Kilburn Media — known for touring productions and pop-up theatrical events for brands like Dr. Seuss, Game of Thrones and Peanuts — will raise drive-in theaters in three Texas shopping center parking lots in May. It plans to add more units in other states and in Canada, likely Denver and Toronto next, as governments loosen social-distancing requirements.

Kilburn’s drive-in operations require minimum parking lot space, according to CEO and partner Mark Manuel. “This doesn’t shut down when the malls open,” Manuel said. “Our screen takes up such little land space.  Learn More