To Survive the Pandemic, Entrepreneurs Might Try Learning From Nature

  • May 10, 2020
  • /   Stephanie A. Fernhaber and Alyssa Y. Stark
  • /   Ideas,Resources
Cartoon describing Biomimicry as 3.8 billion years of R & D
Where can small businesses turn for strategic help during a global pandemic and an economic crisis?
Wildfires, pine cones and armadillos might hold some answers.
Those suggestions come from an interdisciplinary field of study called biomimicry—the idea that we can learn practical lessons by observing and copying processes and strategies found in nature.
The concept—popularized by author Janine Benyus—is well known as it applies to new products, such as adhesives inspired by the sticky feet of the gecko and underwater cameras suggested by the eyes of mantis shrimp.