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Social Media Success, ONLINE vs FLATLINE

April 06, 2020

Howard Levine at Performance Foodservice in Central Florida reports "I sell to food to the highest end restaurants as well as the blue collar, mom and pops, schools, jails, Disney, etc. etc..
I am seeing restaurants with established drive thru options and those who have created a drive through/curbside pickup system that have marketed themselves through social media streams to be doing the best.
I have two pizzerias on the same block which went in different directions back in Mid-February of this year. One created a big presence online and supported the community. The other just kept going day to day, not evolving to meet the needs of these unprecedented times.
I’m now selling one of them $4,000 a week in provisions and the other about $800 a week. They were both buying roughly the same amount of groceries the last two quarters. "