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We are sole proprietors, corporations, local and national small business associations, chambers of commerce, technology companies, and others who recognize the fundamental importance of small businesses in the US. We are the lifeblood of commerce in America.

This growing group of community-minded entrepreneurs represent companies, industry associations, chambers of commerce, technology providers and others, collaborating to make a REAL difference.

The Community effort is the strength of this initiative. Join us to be part of this powerful movement.

Gift Card Bond Program

Gift card bonds are a method by which businesses can gain access to immediate financial relief provided to them by their own loyal customer base. These gift cards work like a bond in that they appreciate in value.

For example, a customer will purchase a gift card from their favorite restaurant's website for $75 that will have a value of $100 at “maturity." The gift cards may be redeemed at the time the business re-opens or resumes its normal operation.

To sign up and be listed, you must be willing to offer your customers a "Gift Card Bond" and honor the "Bond" when your business is permitted to re-open to its full operational capacity in the near future.

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